Our Product !!

Street Food has always been our favourite, its affordable,cheerful and comforting.


Welcome to our simple offering where we would like to give you a taste of street flavours from around the world using only the best South Australian produce.

  Why the name ZAKS  ???

Our concept and partnership to create a small business for our families brought us together .

We were sure we wanted a joint venture and our children became our inspiration and the reason to take up this challenge of realizing our dream.

We have used the initials of our beautiful children to create our business name ZAKS and throughout our concept we have used their influences .


Our Concept, Our Dream, Our Vision.

We want to be a family friendly restaurant that caters to everybody a place without barriers where everyone is invited to have a good time , we have created a menu that gives our customers options to choose from and at the same time give them value , a menu that caters to the dietary needs of each and every individual and that will change along with the season keeping it fresh and giving variety which is the main spice of life.

Our service will be warm and personal but always keeping it professional to ensure we deliver consistently to exceed our guests expectations.

Our decor will remain minimal yet have a homely feel  with colours that our children love and the ambience will take precedence depending on the time of day with light and music playing a key part in driving the mood and setting of the restaurant .

“Sit back eat, drink, relax and let us take you on a journey to explore your taste buds”