who we are?

 Our roots

Our team consists of Troy Dawson, hotelier for the past 20 years who has experiences from across the globe working in America, United Kingdom, India, and Australia. 


Troy's main passion lies in making cocktails and being a host who is hospitable and likes to make every guest feel at home


Ranga who has worked in Sri Lanka & lived in New Zealand for the past 15 years before coming over to South Australia, & has a wealth of knowledge working in reputed kitchens since graduating from hotel school .


Ranga is very passionate about his cooking and is a  chef who cooks from his heart and always remains calm under pressure.

Since 2017

 Troy and Ranga met in 2017 both hoteliers and restaurateurs who shared a common passion for good food and drink it was the start of a friendship that developed into a family business keeping in mind our beautiful children who inspire us to become better individuals and excel at all that we do.